Welcome to Tokyo West International School. It is with great honor that I welcome you to one of the most dynamic, exciting international schools in Japan.

We, Tokyo West International School, are a boutique school located in Hachioji, Tokyo. We believe our students grow locally within the vast and sumptuous surroundings of nature and soar globally with a balanced education they will have obtained at Tokyo West International School. Our teachers and staff at Tokyo West International School hold our core values front and center all times. We are deeply committed to creating a physically and psychologically safe environment where each student can challenge themselves to succeed, fail, learn, and grow.

In this century, the education that will serve our students well in their lives is quite different from that of their parent’s generation. Our students will live and work symbiotically with AI, as just one example. The issues and challenges the next generation faces are, in some respects, more complicated than what we have seen before at the same time in other respects resemble challenges previous generations have faced in times of significant change.

For these reasons, we strive to provide education that includes both new ways of thinking and learning and as well as the core fundamental experiences and skills that will guide our students to succeed in their future. Our hands-on education inspires students to learn by doing.

Specifically, we offer these five unique programs to our students:

  • The Young Americans Musical Theater Program
  • Bilingual Education Program
  • Singapore Math Program
  • Travel and Learn Program
  • Organic Garden Program

Through these programs and the daily general education we offer, students experience multi-faceted learning that engages their intellectual, emotional, and physical aspects of themselves.

Our talented and dedicated faculty brings these experiences to life for our students. I could not be prouder of our diverse and dedicated faculty and staff member on board. They practice what student-centered means every day and motivate our students to learn by caring. Our teachers are students’ mentors, students’ guides, and sometimes facilitators. They empower students to appreciate the sharing of different cultures and values.

Tokyo West International School is ever-evolving, symbolized by our revised motto and vision. There is still much room to grow, and such growth should be built on a solid foundation of trust among all members of our community, including students, parents, teachers, and staff. We welcome you to join our community and become a part of the educational journey of your child at Tokyo West International School.

To this end, I wish to invite you to visit our campus and facilities to discover our philosophy in action, how we are fostering our students to grow locally and soar globally. I am looking forward to meeting you in person on campus grounds to begin our successful partnership in your child’s future education, growth, and development.


Yukiko Kawasaki Kristofferson



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TWIS nurtures our students’ growth and passions through locally relevant, hands-on education that crosses cultural, digital, and analog boundaries. TWIS students develop a strong sense of self and curiosity to soar to greater heights and possibilities as global citizens.


We inspire our students to craft their unique journey of lifelong learning and fulfillment across borders and generations.


We provide outstanding education and multi-cultural community for our students to nurture their growth and passions as they begin to navigate the 21st century.

5 Year Plan

Strategic Priorities

  • To be the preferred International School in the West Tokyo region that provides a balanced and challenging academic program to all of our students.
  • To be competitive in the local and national educational system by highing a highly motivated, globally diverse and qualified faculty team that collaborate and communicate in a constructive and professional environment.
  • To be recognized as the preferred International school within the West Tokyo region for Japanese families seeking and International Education for their children and for all International families within the local community
  • To provide a financially sound and competitive quality of learning to all of our students.

Our Uniqueness

Hands on Experiences

Heart Global  Musical Theater  Program
Bilingual Education Program
Singapore Math Program
Travel and Learn Program
Organic Garden Program


TWIS values diversity.
Teachers and staff are from across the world.



Tokyo West is a great place to study. Our fully equipped Hachioji campus was completed in 2015. It has been built according to the most advanced safety standards. From the windows of our bright classrooms, the students can enjoy the changing of the seasons and the view of the surrounding greenery.

We operate a school bus in the Tama area. There is also a school nurse, so you can feel safe.