Elementary & Middle School

Main Subjects

Our program focuses on the development of the students’ abilities in the five main areas: languages, mathematics, physical education, music and presentation skills.
We believe that just preparing the students for their university entrance exams is not enough, and most importantly it is not the final aim of education. Education should provide young people with the tools they need to accomplish their life goals. With this in mind, that has guided us in the selection of our five main areas of education.


English Kokugo

Language is the expression of a country’s culture. Our program supports the development of the students’ proficiency both in English, (the language of communication in today’s global society,) and in Japanese, (which is fundamental to live and work in Japan). Language learning is integrated with the cultural and historical background necessary for intercultural understanding.


Nurturing the children’s mathematical thinking means developing their ability to find and solve problems and evaluate situations objectively; all skills that will prove useful into their adult life. Our program guides the students progressively, enabling them to experience the joy of understanding. and making mathematical decisions.


Students explore how both the natural physical world and science itself work so that they can participate as critical, informed, and responsible citizens in a society in which science plays a significant role.



Music is a great way to express feelings, as well as a powerful comfort in times of uncertainty. With the support of professional instructors, students will become familiar with the world of music and enjoy learning how to read and compose music and play a variety of instruments.

Health and Physical Education

Sports and physical education are fundamental to grow healthy and strong.

It is  an effective tool for students to learn the importance of teamwork and develop proactive minds open to challenges. Our PE classes, all taught by professional instructors, foster the students’ love for movement and promote the acquisition of healthy lifestyle habits.

Presentation Performance Skills

Speaking in front of an audience will be essential for students once they become adult members of society. Therefore, it is important they learn how to organize their ideas clearly and explain them to others. They will grow into confident adults who are capable of learning from their mistakes. Our lessons and school events provide students with plenty of opportunities to perform presentations, all while having fun and nurturing their sense of accomplishment.


​School Life

A Wide Variety of School Events

The school year at Tokyo West is rich with events. Students participate with great enthusiasm, making unforgettable memories while developing team working skills and their own independence.


An Immersive English Learning Environment

All communication is carried at in English, except for Japanese classes. Immersed in our English speaking environment the students will naturally assimilate the correct use and pronunciation of the language through daily interaction with native English-speaking teachers and the other members of our international student community.

Club Activities

Afterschool club activities are provided for our Elementary & Middle School divisions. Club activities are a great chance to build friendships with students of other grade levels, learn how to support each other, collectively work together towards a goal and develop the children’s social and communication skills.
Currently we offer sports clubs such as soccer and futsal.

Special Program

Providing students with opportunities to learn, explore and experiment in multiple ways outside the classroom setting plays a vital role in our educational approach. Our special program held a few times per month features a variety of activities promoting inquiry-based learning. At the end of each session, students have time to reflect and exchange ideas about the activity they engaged in. Our special program activities are broadly divided into the below four groups:


Getting to Know the Local Community

Students learn about nature and society in the Hachioji and Tama areas. We visit science museums, art museums, factories, and garbage and sewage treatment plants. Participants have the opportunity to cultivate plants and take care of animals as.

Community Service

Students commit to a wide-range of volunteer activities such as cleaning the campus and visiting nursing homes. Upper grade students also have the opportunity to read books in English and Japanese to lower elementary and kindergarten students.

Other Activities

Other activities include Project Adventure, a physical education program designed to encourage students to mature through self-discovery, as well as preparation for school events such as our Sports Day and Winter Presentation. In order to raise international-minded citizens, our students will have opportunities to learn about other cultures through a global exchange. This may be through performance, research, international relationships, or other educational activities.

Personal Projects

Students from grade 6 to 9 embark on personal research projects. Each student researches a topic that captures their interest and later presents it to their peers and teachers. Personal projects are a wonderful opportunity to promote academic inquiry, personal growth and presentation skills.

Academic and Career Advisers

Two of our teachers are appointed as career advisers and will provide students with counseling regarding their future academic and career paths. In addition to enrolling in our school’s middle and high school divisions, we also offer consultation about transferring to other schools and going on to higher education. We actively support each student so that they can choose the educational path that best suits them and allows them to fulfill their dreams.

Standardized Achievement Test

Students from grade 3 to 9 will be taking standardized test ACER ISA (International School Assessment) every year. The ISA assessment program is designed specifically for students in international schools in grades 3 to 10, and it is being adopted in many international schools both in Japan and overseas. Test results will be published and we hope this will greatly contribute to the improvement of each student’s academic abilities as well as positively impacting the overall level of the school.

Student Council and Parent Association

Our Student Council (SC) is formed by student representatives from each grade and is a schoolwide program that engages students from all grades. The Council meets regularly to plan school-wide events and exchange ideas, actively focusing on participation in community activities and volunteer opportunities.

We also have a Parent Association (PA) formed by parent representatives from each grade. The Association cooperates with the school to improve its educational environment for the students, enrich the curriculum, take care of the facilities and help with school events. PA members actively participate and share ideas through the school council. We are grateful for their support and commitment to make our school a great place to study and grow.

Supplementary Classes

Afterschool supplementary classes are offered once or twice a week, mainly for lower elementary grades, G1 and G2. These classes focus on homework support and assistance in small group settings.
We currently offer supplementary classes only for Language Arts (English). We will be starting supplementary classes for other subjects such as mathematics if necessary, based on demand.


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PreK & Kindergarten