2021 Academic Year Enrollment

Due to COVID-19, Open House will be changed to individual school tour.
If you are interested in our school, please contact us by email.

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New PreK & K3


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New G1


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We also provide individual school tours for those who want to join as soon as possible
and for parents of children of other grades than PreK, K3 and G1 of 2021 academic year. (April 2021 start)

For that, please contact admission office via email:

Please write the following information about your child.

1.Name of the child
2.Date of Birth
3.Time of entry (year/month)
4.About 3 dates you are available for school tour


Welcome to Tokyo West International School



TWIS nurtures our students’ growth and passions through locally relevant, hands-on education that crosses cultural, digital, and analog boundaries. TWIS students develop a strong sense of self and curiosity to soar to greater heights and possibilities as global citizens.



Acceptance from Overseas


At TWIS, we provide flexible support for foreign students coming to Japan and returning from overseas, so that they can enroll on the  desired date. Also, while staying in Japan it can  be great experience to learn not only Japanese language but also Japanese culture and customs as part of learning in an educational system.



Academic Year

Birthdates to Determine Grade Level

This birthdate guidelines will affect new students who enter the academic year 2020-21, 2021-22.


PreK & Kindergarten

Grade 2020-2021 Academic Year 2021-2022 Academic Year
Pre 2017.4.2-2018.4.1 2018.4.2-2019.4.1
K3 2016.4.2-2017.4.1 2017.4.2-2018.4.1
K4 2015.4.2-2016.4.1 2016.4.2-2017.4.1
K5 2014.4.2-2015.4.1 2015.4.2-2016.4.1

Elementary School & Middle School

Grade 2020-2021 Academic Year 2021-2022 Academic Year
G1 2013.4.2-2014.4.1 2014.4.2-2015.4.1
G2 2012.4.2-2013.4.1 2013.4.2-2014.4.1
G3 2011.4.2-2012.4.1 2012.4.2-2013.4.1
G4 2010.4.2-2011.4.1 2011.4.2-2012.4.1
G5 2009.4.2-2010.4.1 2010.4.2-2011.4.1
G6 2008.4.2-2009.4.1 2009.4.2-2010.4.1
G7 2007.4.2-2008.4.1 2008.4.2-2009.4.1
G8 2006.4.2-2007.4.1 2007.4.2-2008.4.1
G9 2005.4.2-2006.4.1 2006.4.2-2007.4.1


Admission Process

01 ▶︎ ▶︎ ▶︎
Open House

Open House and School Tours will be throughout the year. Please submit via following reservation form or call for details.

02 ▶︎ ▶︎ ▶︎
Submit Application Form

Please submit following application forms in person or by mail.

  1. Application form for Enrollment (Download)
  2. Medical certificate dated within one year or application (Download)
  3. Progress Report from previous or current school
  4. Graduation or Attendance Certificate from previous or current school
03 ▶︎ ▶︎ ▶︎
Screening Test and Parents Interview

We will schedule the screening test and interview for your child. Parents also will be interviewed.
Please bring the registration fee (¥20,000) on your interview.

Announcement of Successful Applicants

Tokyo West International School will inform those who have fulfilled the screening requirements with an acceptance letter. Prospective students who have passed the screening and have paid the entrance fee by the deadline will be considered enrolled.


Application Form

Application Form for PreK & Kindergarten

Medical Certification for PreK & Kindergarten

​Application Form for Elementary & Middle School

Medical Certification for Eleme​ntary & Middle School



PreK School


Elementary & Middle School

*Discounts and Scholarship are available.

Please call for details.



Life After Tokyo West

Tokyo West Academic Guidance Department provides students with counseling regarding their future academic and career paths. In addition to enrolling in middle school at TWIS, we also offer consultation about transferring to other schools and going on to higher education. We actively support each student so that they can choose the educational path that best suits them and allows them to fulfill their dreams.


中学 高校
東京学芸大付属国際中学 早稲田実業
渋谷教育学園渋谷 早稲田本庄
広尾学園 玉川学園 (IB)
かえつ有明 法政国際 (IB)
三田国際 啓明学園
啓明学園 工学院大学付属
工学院大学付属 関東国際高等学校
開智日本橋中学 東京インターハイスクール
立命館宇治 聖和学院高等学校
  CHIST (千代田インターナショナル )


ASIJ (American School in Japan), Nishimachi International School, AOBA International School, Yokohama International School, Saint Maur International School, Horizon International School, Columbia International School, Canadian International School, CAJ (Christian Academy in Japan)





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