Singapore Math Program


Originated in Singapore by the Singaporean Ministry of Education, The Singapore Math teaching method is regarded as being one of the world’s most highly effective teaching approaches. The key feature and focus of the Singapore Math teaching approach is the integration of it`s CPA progression method (Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract).


From April 2019, Tokyo West International School has adopted the Singapore Math teaching approach to all Grade 1 to Grade 3 students. We believe that Singapore Math will help our students to deeply understand mathematics concepts through the three key learning processes – concrete, pictorial and abstract. 


Our homeroom teachers have observed that with the accessibility of the Singaporean Math manipulatives and online resources our students are able to demonstrate mathematical concepts with ease. Furthermore, the Singaporean Math approach has been assisting struggling students to increase conceptual understanding through the step-by-step representation of solving math problems and experiential learning. The use of bar models, picture strategies, and mathematical patterns are a great tool that drives students to have a broader knowledge of the lesson content and at the end of each review unit the Singapore Math books challenges each student  to use their critical thinking skills; therefore aiming for better test results.



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