八王子,多摩,横田,立川のインターナショナルスクール 東京ウエストインターナショナルスクール

About us


IntroductionOur mission at Tokyo West International School (TWIS) is to equip children with the skills they need to become successful leaders in our constantly evolving, globalized society. We strongly believe in the importance for young people to be able to think independently, solve problems, be proactive, and be mentally flexible. We promote the values of sensiti3ity, international mindedness, being appreciative of cultural differences, as well as the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. We are convinced that the balanced development of a child’s academic, social and physical skills is the key for them to be able to actively shape their future.

Our school provides a wide variety of academic lessons, activities and events stimulating our students’ intellect and nurturing their communication and social skills. In our encouraging and supportive environment, children are given room to grow and cultivate their talents, respecting each student’s strengths and personality. Experiencing challenges and the joy of succeeding will stimulate the children’s young minds and prepare them to become confident, contributing members of society.

We welcome you to browse through our website, and we look forward to meeting you and your child soon at TWIS.

「他人を思いやり、異文化や価値観を受け入れ、異なる考えを尊重する柔軟な思考」 「たくましく健康的に生きるための体力」



Tokyo West International School Board of Directors
東京ウエストインターナショナルスクール 理事会

Our Slogan: LEAD

Making dreams come true

Dreams motivate people to give their best. Turning dreams into reality requires effort and commitment, there might be many obstacles lying ahead, but it is facing these challenges that make us grow stronger. Some dreams will change, while others will last for a lifetime. Having dreams to follow is the first step towards a life of fulfillment.

At TWIS, we are convinced that the role of the school is to give children the tools to make their dreams come true. Experiencing the joy of achievement as well as the frustration of failure, the determination to challenge themselves over and over again and the satisfaction of succeeding are integral to the educational experience. These experiences will become the critical foundation that our students will build upon.

Our school’s philosophy is encompassed by the slogan: LEAD.





Learn 学ぶ

Acquiring knowledge and abilities through a variety of experiences.


Empower 力を尽くす

Finding and solving problems independently, coming up with new ideas, discussing them with others and using the feedback received to further improve the solutions.


Achieve 成し遂げる

We achieve our dreams by planning, acting and examining the results of our work.


Dream 夢を叶える

Always striving to make our dreams come true.



Educational Approach & Accreditation

Providing a comprehensive international education from kindergarten to high school

Educational Approach & AccreditationWe believe that drawing from each student’s interests and nourishing his or her desire to explore, is what makes learning most effective. Our approach focuses on stimulating our students’ natural curiosity and making learning relevant for them, with a strong commitment towards further improvement.

Since 2013 TWIS has been accredited by AdvancED, the largest of the five American college and university accreditation organizations.

We are committed to delivering our students a variety of educational programs to meet a wide range of aspirations and broaden their perspectives while supporting their applications to universities abroad.





AdvancED is the largest accreditation organization in the United States. In addition to 14,000 AdvancED-recognized schools inside the United States, the association has been accrediting an increasing number of international schools.



Elementary School

Learning in our elementary school division is based on American Common Core Curriculum and the United Nations International School (UNIS) Curriculum with Japanese national standards. At this stage, particular attention is paid to the children’s language development both in English and Japanese. Japanese lessons will provide the students with solid foundations on which to build their language proficiency, adopting materials required by the Japanese Ministry of Education.


Middle School

Our middle school program adopts the American Common Core Curriculum and the United Nations International School (UNIS) Curriculum. Our curriculom focuses on developing both academic skills as well as life skills, such as effective communication and public speaking.


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